Which way is north?

We hope it’s sunny enough to see the mountains because the mountains are to the north. If you need to get your directions, just look for a spot where you can see them. Facing the mountains, east is to the right.

In the city/downtown area, north takes you to the harbour, west takes you to Stanley Park and the West End, and south takes you to False Creek. If you want to travel around False Creek, head east.

In the False Creek area, with the city across the water, north is where the city is, and west takes you to the tip of Point Grey and the University of British Columbia. East takes you around False Creek (the globe of Science World marking the eastern extremity) to Yaletown and the city.

Cycling Regulations

Check out the City of Vancouver regulations

Cycle in the big city following the same rules of the road when driving a car – use common sense and courtesy. Signal, stop when directed, and ride on the right, passing on the left.

On the combined pedestrian and bike paths, ride on the inside so that the ocean is on the pedestrian side. If that isn’t working out, then drive where the pedestrians aren’t. Be prepared for anything!